#28 How to Make Your Product Stand Out on Amazon by Alfred Fontanez

So Many Options In Amazon 

Why Pick You?

Here Are Some Tips For Pulling Customers In.

  1. Main Photos Buffet!
    1. Everyone has an Actual Photo of Product? Consider creating a 3D Rendering! Everyone has a 3D rendering? Use an actual product Photo. The brain will try to figure out why yours looks, different, strange and draw them to click. The goal is to be the “Purle Cow” in a field of Black/White Cows.
    2. Photo angle / pose -Top View, Front View, Lower Upward View.
      1. Imagen a tall building – Top view
      2. Imagen a tall building – Front View
      3. Imagen a tall building – Lower Upward View
      4. Which one is more impressive?
        1. Answer? Lower Upward View. Consider this the Power View Angle or Pose for your product.
  1. Features… Features!! FEATURES!! – Blah blah blah blah!!! Really WHO CARES?!
    1. List all of the “Features” of your product. Then answer the question:
      1.  “Who cares? How do they benefit me?? What’s in it for me?!
  1. Help “ME” Choose YOU! – What do I need to make a quick decision between so many products? 
    1. Images clearly showing the pain and positive outcome of your product. Example “Frizzy hair vs smooth silky hair”. Show how your friends will admire your hair. How you will radiate youth and sensuality. How your dream date will admire/desire you.
    2. Compare Your Product – Make sure you are 100% better than your competitors on each comparison area.
    3. Use 1 of your Images to Display your best Reviews. Make it easier for them to choose you. Control the Narrative
    4. Make sure to be clear of “WHAT YOUR PRODUCT IS NOT!”  to minimize returns and increase customer satisfaction. Use competitors negative reviews for material of what your product is not. Example to consider “Shampoo fixes your hair, but it won’t get rid of the gray hair.”

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